Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stitches out

Visited Dr. Ablove's office today and they removed the bandages and stitches from last Friday's first dorsal compartment release. Swelling is minor and range of motion has improved.

I think they tricked me when they said 10 weeks until recovery


  1. iris i would desperately like to talk to you. my name is jo sanchez aka Get "JO" Ass Whooped of the Broward County Derby Grrls and i too shattered my ankle skating. i have so many questions. i will read your entire page but if you could email me so we can exchange numbers and chat that would be lovely.

  2. I stumbled (no punny intended) across your blog after typing in shattered ankle recovery. I also spent 26 days in hospital with the whole external hardware and 4 surgeries...just released a week ago and getting frustrated that the swelling keeps coming back even when I put my foot down for an hour...seems like the only way to do this is accept that I have two positions; down with the boot for an hour and elevation for the next 2 hours. Geeeeeeeeeeez your recovery is taking a long you think you will skate again? Reading your blog has helped me today at least with knowing I am in for a long haul...and looking to trick someone into getting the boxes of xmas decorations! Best Wishes

  3. I am 29 yrs old and suffered a automobile accident febuary of this year (2010). I shattered my right ankle completly. My toes were turned 90 degrees towards my heal. I had external pins to my foot and leg. I just recently had the pins removed and a metal plate screwed in to my ankle. Now I am currently in a hard cast for four months. I am really hoping my recovery speeds up being that I am at no weight baring for over two months.