Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ahem. Dr. Carbomb was mistaken.

So the cast didn't come off on Tuesday as reported in the last post... after talking to the brilliant and all knowing Robin last night we have concluded that we don't need to rip this cast off quite yet... I suspect that I'll be able to make it until Friday (I've been warned that the Ortho clinic will have a skeleton crew... but there will be someone from casting... might it be Paul?)

The quirky thing about this cast is that while it is really loose in the heal, it is killer tight through the bridge of my foot (which is still rather swollen due to the breaks and the x-fix I suspect) and it just pounds all day/night long. The meds help a bit but not completely.

Have I mentioned lately that I am sick of this and ready to get back to normal? Ugh!

On to a series of good news....

#1 - Sparkles arrived today from our favorite fashonista - Hell Kat (Thank you darlin') I think I'll experiment with placement on this cast and really bling up the next one (since it will hopefully be my last before the boot)

#2 - Mom, my sister and I will be hanging out at my place this coming weekend to ready it for my prophesied return. Cleanup (there are vittles in my fridge from before the fall on 10/8 - that need to be chucked...ew!) kind of handicap enabling my place AND my sister wants to put up my Christmas tree...YAY!! I am thrilled! She said of any year this is the one to have it up since I will be perched on the sofa right next to it all season.

So please stop by when I am back in Madison and entertain me whilst we enjoy the tree.

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  1. Sparkly cast photos are a must. I hope Friday gave you some relief.