Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feelng a bit guilty

So I knew a few weeks ago that I would have trouble making it to the polls today. So I printed off the request for an absentee ballot. I was able to trick um... I mean convince someone at the hospital to agree to accept my ballot when it arrived in the mail. Meanie Cooper signed and confirmed that I was in fact in the hospital and unable to make it to the poll today. I was released from the hospital and swept up and taken to my parents in New Berlin before the ballot arrived (to be fair... I wanted to get the hell out of dodge and voting was the last thing on my mind at that moment).


  1. Don't feel guilty, darling. There's not enough time for regret. Just get well.

  2. No worries, I voted twice. JUST KIDDING! Things are going to be great in 09. Just watch his speech again and you'll feel full of hope and confidence. YES WE CAN!!


  3. I just happened to come across ur blog when I was researching ankle fractures. I fractured all 3 bones in my ankle in Oct 2007. I have 2 pins, a plate and 17 screws in my ankle to this day. Funny enough I broke my ankle at roller derby practice as well. I was wondering how you are doing now.
    I am better of course. Can walk and am happy I can But I still have pain, I definately can not walk long distances, on uneven ground, in high heels (which is very sad) and when I wake up in the morning or have been sitting a while I am really stiff. I hope this is not the case for you but I am curious to know if this is just me or not? My doctor is hard to get to and I just don't want to hear I need my hardware out. Yikes!
    Hope you have gotten better!