Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Isn't she pretty in pink.

My Dad and I made the trek to Madison from New Berlin w/ lots of pillows around my leg for the bumpy ride to UW Hospital for my 2 week follow up appointment following surgery.

Thank god they took "the beast" off (a plaster/cotton batting/ace bandage splint) my leg. The incisions look great... but the hole in my heel (right pic) (with a matching one on the other side of my heal) still creeps me out. The hole next to the incision on the right side of my leg (left pic) is the compound fracture site. The thought that the bone did break and come out of my body still gives me the heebs.

There were some x-rays to be had and lots of chatting with Dr. Lang (best derby ortho doctor evah) and Robin his PA (seriously... this girl knows everything! I was very impressed with my time with her -- fountain of knowledge doesn't even come close to describing her) Britnee Smears praises of the two of them were accurate indeed. If you are ever in Madison, WI and have a serious need of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Lang is your man.

So after all the chatting, I finally got my bright pink fiberglass cast put on. Now I thought this was going to be a pleasant experience. Sweet fancy Moses... I was wrong! We had to get my foot\ankle into a 90 degree angle. OMG where was Nicole with the IV meds? That hurt more that I thought it was going to. Unfortunately the only Kodak moments my dad captured was of unhappiness (left). It is what it is. I am looking forward to the day when the Vixens bling it up because this cast installment is only going to be around until November 24th. Va Va Va Vixens!
You are wondering what that pink thing is wrapped around my wrist and thumb. Believe it or not it is a splint for a syndesmosis wrist sprain. Unfortunately this will not get better until I am off crutches and can rest it for over a month. This happened when I had my fall... the funny thing is... I didn't even notice my wrist hurt until I was in the hospital for 3 days.


  1. Hey if you can't

    Escape from New Berlin

    (Not to sound like a John Carpenter movie)
    by the 22nd maybe the boys and I can swing by and visit

  2. I much like yourself suffered a compound fracture in Dec 2010 shattered the ankle into 12 pieces broke both the tibia and the fibula! 9 days and 4 days in a convalescent hospital. with 3 debrevments and an external fixter and then finally the tibia was reinforced with a plate and 11 screws in my leg and 3 screws in my ankle. 12 weeks went by then i got to have the fibula fixed with another plate and another 7 screws to add to my collection. it has been 8 months now and i have yet to start formally therapy because the Dr said the bone isn't growing. I have however started water therapy on my own! and i have great range of motion according to the therapist who is waiting for the Dr to finally say it is OK to bear weight! and restart therapy. however the Dr hasn't given me any good news in fact he thinks my ankle deterioration will be between 8 to 12 months. but i cant except that!