Monday, November 3, 2008

Home again....kind of

I am officially out of the hospital (yay) I was released around 11 on Sunday. We figured that gave us enough time to crash derby practice. It was wonderful to see all my girls again...lots of hugs and snuggles. While I was sharing some of my gruesome x-rays with the Vixens, Meanie was kind enough to take my dad aside and explain what he was seeing on the rink. Now I think he has a derby crush ;)

Last night and today has been an ongoing challenge getting pain management under control. My Mom and Dad have been fantastic. They are bending over backwards to make sure I have everything I need. My Mom even set her alarm last night to make sure I had the pain meds that I needed. They are the sweetest.


  1. Glad to hear you've flown the coop. Your spirits/mood seem much improved -- lower drug levels probably help that. I just can't avoid a little "fatherly" advice: take it slow and easy, enjoy the parental pampering as long as they can stand you, don't rush back to the ranch.


  2. I was so happy for you, to NOT see Wegenke listed in room #56 when I arrived at work, late Sunday night. Not that I didn't want to see you, just excited that you have moved on to the next "chapter" of this story. It sounds like you are doing great, and I see you have a ton of support behind ya! If I can do anything for you, just ask! You were my favorite patient and I look forward to hearing more about your recovery. Nicole