Sunday, November 2, 2008

The prophecy has come true!

I am going home today. WOO! The ortho residents replaced my plaster/cotton batting/ace bandage splint, I've been cleared by PT, no IV meds for the past 48 hours. So now I am waiting of the pharmacist to dole out my meds, the nurses to go over what to expect when I leave the hospital and finally, I am waiting for my Dad to get here :)


  1. Congrats on escaping the Halls of institutionalized medicine.

  2. Yey!!! I'm so happy that you've been cleared to leave. I heard you stopped by practice today. I'm sorry I missed ya. Keep us posted and let us know when your back from your parents and want some derby lovin'


  3. I cannot believe your dad brought you to the rink. You are one crazy girl. Thanks for sharing the gruesome x-rays.

    So glad you're finally out of the hospital.

  4. So glad you are out! It was great to see you at practice yesterday and knowing that your folks can take care of you for a while. Take care of yourself and let me know when you are going to head back to Madison.