Thursday, October 23, 2008

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7 Oct 17-20th

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were miserable. Every time I moved my leg I would cry out in pain. After some discussion with the medical professionals, they decided to take an x-ray of my foot and ankle to see if any of the bones had moved since they were set on Wednesday.

It turns out that my ankle had been dislocated the entire weekend. They tried to reduce it once again with a little luck. My surgeon ordered an external fixetor to be installed Monday morning.

The x-fix (as it is known in the biz) is used temporarily set severe breaks and fractures. This immobilizes the joint and allows swelling to come down so the surgeon can repair the broken bones. The x-fix pierces the skin and is drilled into the broken bones and mobilizes with rods and clamps/bolts.

I look fairly chipper in this photo.. this was taken several days after the procedure and I was heavily medicated.

Unfortunatly for Terry Hiltz, she happened to show up at the hospital shortly after I came out of recovery and experienced a very unhappy girl. The rod that was drilled through my heal on one side, then thru my heal bone and exiting my heal on the other side was probably the worst pain I've ever experienced. The ankle break was a cake walk compared to this. She did leave an Octopus behind for me (she felt that I could use a few extra legs at this point in time). When I was a little perkier.. my folks and I had fun taking pics of Dr. Inky.

If I am going to still have this bad boy on my leg at Halloween I am toying with the idea of dressing it up with some metal teeth, fake blood and maybe I can jump in a bear or hunter's costume.

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