Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Vixens decend on UW Hospital

My roller derby team decided to have the Vaudeville Vixen team meeting at the hospital so I could still play along. They came straight from practice at Fast Forward and were dressed all in pink and brown sparkles. The scene as they wheeled me to the elevator was fantastic. It was as if Rockstars decided to grace the Ortho floor with their presence. Some mouth were slack jawed to the point of drooling and others asked a million questions in the time it took the elevator to arrive. My smokin hot vixens got lots of head turns and cat calls as they wheeled me thru the common area of the hospital. The nurses that were not here that Sunday still ask me about it and giggle... wishing they had worked that Sunday.

Later in the afternoon Patricia Carlson from work visited me for an hour as I was circling the drain (vixen mayhem took a lot out of me). As always her advice and kind words were soothing and reassuring. Both she and her husband Pat (who happens to work at UW Hospital) have been so supportive of me and my rights as a patient. Patricia also snuck in my favorite contraband in the whole wide world... Jelly Bellys

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