Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visitors Visitors Visitors

Early on, Chris Schwartz and Lisa Jorgensen spent a lot of time at Trader Joes before stopping by to visit me. I think they knew something that I didn't about my stay here in the hospital. I thought I would be here a week and they shopped like I was going to be here for a month ;)

Lisa also stopped in when I was under the veil of Valium on Wedesday 10/22 (um I think it Wednesday) with Mitchell. She also brought a fun goodie bag from Catherine (more like keeping your child occupied on a long long trip) I am certain to play with the slinky, silly putty, learn origami and many other cute little activities. Everyone is just so thoughtful... it warms my heart.

Terry Hiltz found time in her very busy schedule to visit me between meetings. I can tell you how much that has made a difference in my outlook and spirits.

Dolly Pardon Me just recently spent some time with me catching up and giggling a bit. Just about all the Vixens and a fair number of girls from the other teams have been by to check on me.

Yesterday I had lunch with my dad, Terri Oliversen, Trina Zanow, Susan Lee and Chris Schwartz. What a pleasant surprise. I think we scared my dad off with too much work talk at one point.. but he came back eventually ;)

My folks are up quite a bit. I love that they can be so flexible with their schedule. My sister has even visited when she had an appt. in Verona.

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