Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recovering :) Yay

I climbed onto the table at 9:00am and was en route to recovery around 2:00pm today. I am doing remarkably well and will write up a more proper post when I am a little more "with it".


  1. Oh, sweetie. I'm so glad it went well and that you finally got that surgery. I got a little teary when we talked about you at the team meeting tonight. You're so strong. And so positive.

    Heal well, dear.

  2. On the bright side you are still staying stylish while in the Hospital,
    Black and Pink are always in :)

  3. I like the stylin' nose apparel you're sportin. On a more serious note, I've been telling everyone here how you're doing (by reading verbatim off your log). Everyone's happy it's going well and here's hoping you can start doing the bunny hop soon!


  4. Yeah, no more erector set leg!! You'll be blowin' stuff up again soon, Carbomb. Love you tons. -Meanie