Friday, October 24, 2008

So sick of this

So now the doc isn't 100% sure this is an infection in my foot anymore. The antibiotics haven't made any positive changes and the pain keeps getting worse!

We decided to check for a blot clot. I was on board with this test until the technician proceeded to rub and squeeze my foot and ankle. Sweet fancy moses... that hurt more than the original setting of the bones.

So we've confirmed that there are no blood clots and got several compliments on my "beautiful arteries and veins" .... ok is it just me or is that a little creepy

I was wheeled back into my room where my mom and our dear family friend Paulette were waiting. They loaded me with narcotics and poured me back into bed. 5 minutes later Terry Hiltz appeared in my room. Unfortunately we didn't chat long because the pain meds hit me in the head with a velvet hammer. I have yet to dig thru the goodie basket that she (and Marcia Doll wrangled for me... but I do see Jr Mints thru the cellophane and they are making me drool)

Charles stopped by for a while and took care of me while Prince Valium sent me off to la la land.

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