Thursday, October 23, 2008

How it all started - Day 1

On Wednesday October 8th during a pace line drill at Roller Derby Practice, I rolled my ankle and knew I broke something. My fellow skaters were wonderful whilst we waited for EMT staff to arrive (apparently they had a difficult time locating the driveway to Fast Forward). My fellow skaters were crackin jokes and doing anything they could distract me from the pain.

Once the EMT arrived and used the "Trauma Sheers" (almost my derby name) to cut off my knee pads, they got me on the gurney, rolled me out to the parking lot and proceeded to drug me up for the ride to the UW Hospital. Loquita (one of my team mates) followed the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with me rather late for moral support.

I thought that this was going to be a quick and easy cast (pink of course) that would be taken care of that night and someone would just have to drive me home. Then I could have a rink side seat to all three days of Derby in Dairyland - the WFTA Eastern Regional Roller Derby Tournament hosted here in Madison. Aaah Sarah the optimist.

Turns out that I went for the gusto when I fell resulting in several spiral breaks and fractures shattering my tibia/fibula/heel bones which requires surgery to correct including titanium plates, screws and pins.

Dr. Deihl and several residence proceeded to "torture me" by setting the bones (formal x-rays to be posted here at a later date.) Following the wrap of my leg, I was weak as a cat and they moved me to a temporary room until they could find a bed in Ortho. Another dear teammate, Meanie Cooper, went to my house and picked up a few necessities since I was going to be here a few days, she let out my dog cricket and stayed with me over night. She knew I was shocky, in a ridiculous amount of pain and deep down didn't want to be alone. She's so very sweet ... I can't tell you how touched I was by this gesture. In the mean time, The Heat (a new girl like me) took Cricket into her home. It is such a relief to send your dog to someone that you know will love her up like you do.

After sitting in my room for an hour Meanie helped me convince Dr Deihl and his interns to cut off part of the plaster that was burning and impinging on the left side of my foot. I think they got started around 2:00am! I am sure my neighbors were not nearly as thrilled as I was to have that problem corrected.

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