Friday, October 24, 2008

We need change

My ankle is still uber swollen. Redness/Tenderness/Pain has not changed since I was put on the antibiotic 2 days ago. Every doctor that has been in to see me for the past few days has said "this isn't an infection"... ok.. then what is it? Everyone is stumped. The one thing that they do know is that they are going to take me off the antibiotics

The head ankle guy visited with me this morning and he is going to take care of me while my regular doc is out of town. He is going to be the "fresh set of eyes" we need on this case to see if there was anything missed.

The new doc also told me that the scrape on my ankle (the one without the metal rod prodtruding from it) that was on my ankle right after they cut off my cute stripey knee high sock in the ER was suppose to be a compound fracture. We came to the conclusion that my skate kept the bone from protruding. Double EEP! That totally creeps me out. I am very glad that I got the rolled collar on my Reidell 265s. I think that saved me from a bloody spooky mess on the rink. Thanks Sin City Skates.

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